Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Patriot Games

I'm a huge Tom Clancy fan and probably an even bigger Harrison Ford fan. I actually like Alec Baldwin in the Jack Ryan role better than Harrison Ford. This movie is pretty good, decently close to the novel. The movie was in HD but really not ready for the format upgrade, any special or lighting effects really suffered. Like I said I do like the movie and think its pretty good. How can you not like a movie with Han Solo, Darth Vader, Mace Windu, and Boromir in it?


The Little One's school offers chess class/club for the last half of the year. Last year she didn't want to do it but the almost her entire class did it so she was up for it this year. Like most gamers chess is one of if not my favorite game, it is hard to pick it over poker. Anyways I was very excited that she decided to join the class. Today she got her oversized chess set that was included in the class fee. This was her second class and she really wanted to play when we settled down for the night. Her teacher actually has them playing different variations so they can learn how pieces move. Last week they only played/worked with Pawns, this week they added Bishops and Rooks. So we played a game with just Pawns, Bishops, and Rooks. The goal of the game was to get one of your Pawns to your opponents side. Both of us actually eliminated each others pawns before either could win the game. Well played Little One.

Floor Mats

I'm not really sure why someone would buy a new car without floor mats. I'm in sales so I understand how you can sell a car without floor mats, high mark up items should never be free, at least not advertised as free. But back to buying a car without floor mats, at least a new car, I just don't get it. You can always, I mean always, convince the salesman to give them to you for free. They are after all a very high mark up item, a $50 item with $5 cost to close a $20,000 sale, please sign me up.

Some of you are probably wondering why they are important. Well in the case of my beautiful Mustang they look really good, they have a Pony on them and everything. But they can really help the resell value of your car. Barring an accident outside wear and tear on your car is expected, it is included in the depreciation value of your car. Inside wear and tear however can be avoided and will drastically lower you resell value and make your car more difficult to sell. Floor mats solve this problem, you wear and tear the mat instead of the carpet in your car. Worn spots, especially in a manual transmission like mine, will just absolutely hurt your car's value.

Now my Mustang was used, we're the second owners. The first owner who bought the car new from Ford didn't buy floor mats. She also drove a $21,000 car less than 2,500 miles, less than a year even, and traded it in for probably $15,500 or so, then bought a $40,000 full sized Toyota pick up. So obviously she wasn't the brightest bulb in the marquee but that is different story, it does explain the inability to know the need for floor mats. If you're going to take a $7,000 loss on a car for owning 6 months, I guess you don't care about floor mats or wear and tear.

Anyways, my Mustang. No floor mats, well Trevor why didn't you get floor mats from the dealership you bought the car from? It was a Toyota dealership, I'd already done research on the Mustang, I knew the options. I knew they made a very good looking floor mat and I wanted those. I convinced the Toyota dealership to give me some free oil changes instead, 6 to 1, half dozen to the other.

Pretty Bird picked up my floor mats today, don't they look great! Well I should have taken a real picture but it is cold and I'm not going back outside. This is the stock Ford picture.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

iPod at Work

I use my Ipod all the time at work. Its most obvious use is to play some music and drown out the people I don't want to hear, production is way up with that technique. I've also used it as a portable hard drive on a number of occasions, our company isn't exactly the most IT advanced place in the world, sometimes it's easier to move large files around like that. I've also used each of the three times I've helped people transfer data in side projects, extra money is good. It is also great for traveling.

All of my use for the iPod is nothing compared to this. Just crazy stuff.

Jack's Dad

I like Donald Sutherland better but I still really like James Cromwell.

I also knew Jack wouldn't be able to fend off the terrorists without me. He let himself get caught by two bad guy henchmen with their mastermind who is a bad henchmen from RoboCop. I guess Jack has a problem with RoboCop bad guys. Didn't Jack see last season, everyone knew Graem was a bad guy. Jack should get the season on DVD and catch up.

How did Jack do it?

For the first time (I think) since 24 started I missed an episode the night it aired. I'm only counting the episodes that I was home for, days I was out of town or otherwise busy I don't count. I still watched those that week either first on the F/X replay or later during TiVo. Nights like that Jack would understand, I couldn't help it. Last night it was like I was cheating on Jack. Julie wanted to watch Heroes in HD then we watched Studio 60 before falling asleep.

Was Jack able to fight off the terrorists without me?

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Matador

This was actually the first new movie I've seen in 2007. Obviously it isn't a new movie, just one I've never seen. Netflix hooked us up and we decided to watch it yesterday.

James Bond is pretty good in it, which is about all the good I can say from the movie. It wasn't horrible it just wasn't very good at all. It was funny at parts but overall just blah.

The Bounty

Yet another movie I watched on one of the various HD movie channels. I actually haven't seen the movie in a long time, probably 10 years or longer. This one was the 1984, Mel Gibson as Fletcher Christian, not one of the 35 other versions of the story. Two things I remembered about the movie, lots of big name actors, at least now, and lots of topless native women. Both things were very true this time as well.

Anthony Hopkins
Mel Gibson
Lawrence Olivier
Daniel Day Lewis
Liam Neeson
Bernard Hill

Almost all those would headline a movie now, even Lawrence Olivier headlined Sky Captain after he was dead.

Oh yeah the boobs, lots and lots of them. This movie was rated PG, I guess native boobs don't count.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

No Football

For the first Sunday in 20 weeks I don't have any football to watch, what exactly am I supposed to do?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

NFL Network

They think they're product is more valuable than it is, they are pretty boring during their live broadcast and they have trouble getting advertisers. But I love the NFL Network, reshowing Super Bowls in their entirety, awesome. Plus if there wasn't an NFL Network how would get those incredible NFL Network commercials?

"All Rickey Williams has on his mind is winning football games"
"Ben Rotherlsomething or other, Cowher are you an idiot"
"I don't care if its pre-season, the Raiders are 4-0"

Great stuff.

Gas Prices

No I'm not going to bitch about gas prices, although we probably all could. What I'm going to bitch about is the variation in gas prices on my way to work. I live about 8 miles from the office and I drive by 8 different gas stations on the way to work. Here are the prices on the cheapest level of gas this morning.


The two $2.09 are right across the street from each other which obviously is why they're the lowest and the same price. However the $2.21 is less than a quarter mile from them, you can see both of them from it and vice versa. They are on the north side of the interstate and $2.21 is on the south side but only an interstate exit separates them. The $2.11 and $2.19 near the bottom of the list are right next to each other as well.

I don't understand a 5% difference in prices when you are right next to each other.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Didn't the US government spend a lot of money breaking up AT&T and the Baby Bells? There were eight Baby Bells in 1982. Now AT&T owns five of them again. Weird.

Just walk damn it

I really dislike the skating shoes that kids wear. I disliked them when they first came out years ago when I was at Toys R Us. I dislike them now that they are really popular even more. Kids these days...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


It seems the various (inter)national sports news sources got it wrong. Mike Tomlin isn't letting Dick LeBeau go, he is keeping him. It doesn't say what type of defense they will employ directly but it does hit at keeping with the 3-4 zone blitzing craziness that has defined the Steelers for the past 15+ years. They've actually used a 3-4 scheme since 1983 or 84 according to something I've read previously.

My biggest issue with the possible change was my belief that if it isn't broke, don't fix it. In the past three seasons the Steelers have finished 1st, 4th, and 9th in total yards and 1st, 3rd, and 12th in points allowed. I would say that isn't broke.


An upset stomach providing the inability to sleep allowed me to watch almost everything that was on TV last night, well at least the three hour long dramas. The two really good, addictive ones featured a list. I wonder if since Nathan and Jack's Sister in Law are the same person if Jack's Dad is on the Heroes list?

Heroes - What a pretty damn good episode to come back from break on. Nothing major happened except the Heroes start to congregate with each other. Hiro and Ando were just hilarious as usual. Mohinder is obviously On The List and it will be one of the huge plot points in the remaining 10 episodes to reveal his actual power. Next week, Sulu!

24 - Nothing much going on except some weird nuclear disaster issues that were handled not so well. In addition the response from the US, somebody would get their ass kicked and it would happen quickly. Nothing else seemed to happen, oh yeah, that bald guy brother thing was um, unforeseen to say the least. Now I need to watch Season 5 again to see if any clues are there.

Studio 60 - What can I say, the man can write TV even if I don't really like the subject.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Too much TV

I have a few TV shows that I watch. Right now in the TiVo queue for me is the following shows.

Battlestar Galactica
How I Met Your Mother
Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
My Name Is Earl
The Unit
Pardon The Interruption

When they return
The Sopranos

PTI isn't important, I delete it usually about twice a week. I just like to be able to watch it and fast foward segments I don't enjoy. I'm not a huge fan of The Unit but I do watch it when I can.

As you can see the biggest problem is the concentration of the shows on Sunday and Monday nights. Sunday nights we usually don't watch much TV, it is a time to wind the weekend down. Sunday shows outside of The Sopranos or 24 or some sports event are usually watched later in the week. Now with four of my shows on Monday who knows when I'll be able to watch the Sunday shows. Why did you move BSG to Sundays, bastards.

That still isn't as bad as 24 being on the same day/time as Heroes, that is just plain criminal. We'll see how I handle the overload tomorrow.


I guess I will eat a little crow. With both 2007 Super Bowl teams being Cover-2 based teams I should give them a little bit of credit.

I also remembered that Tampa Bay wasn't the only team with the current Tampa-2 or Cover-2 defense to win it all, the 1999 Rams were a Cover-2 team. I still say that Indy and St. Louis don't count, they are more there because of offense than defense.

Anyways, I still stop giving the scheme such crap. Plus if the Steelers become a Cover-2 team I will probably become a huge fan of it :)

Mike Tomlin

Let me just say that I'm not very excited over the choice to replace Bill Cowher. I'm not a fan of the Cover-2 scheme and I am a huge fan of Dick LeBeau who also appears not to be a Cover-2 guy. Bringing in a Cover-2 guy in Mike Tomlin will probably mean the end of LeBeau with the Steelers. Obviously I'm not the best football mind in the world but looking at the Steelers roster it doesn't appear they have the best personal for the Cover-2 either.

Let me qualify things first. The only time the Steelers have hired a head coach in my lifetime I wasn't a big fan of the hiring at the time either. That turned out just fine though. Also I'm not a huge fan of the Cover-2 currently, it seems the defensive coordinators over Cover-2 teams (Tampa Bay, Indy, Chicago, Minnesota, KC) get too egotistical and don't change their scheme mid-game when it isn't working. I believe that is more than anything why only one of them have won the big game despite them dominating the regular season stats. I am a fan of the birth of the Cover-2 since Tony Dungy modeled it after the Steel Curtain Steelers of the 70's.

Only time will tell. The Steelers have a lot of talent, 2007 shouldn't be a rebuilding year.

The Illusionist

This is only the second movie I've watched this year on DVD. I still haven't seen any movies in a theater but with a 50 inch HD television and 5.1 surround sound system DVDs are still pretty good. Pretty Bird and I went to see this movie when it was released, mainly by accident. The Little One was staying over with my parents and we wanted to hit a movie. Whatever movie we wanted to see wasn't starting in the time we were there so we went and saw this. Both of us were pleasantly surprised, it was a great movie. It is even Pretty Bird's favorite movie of 2006. It is a little slow but overall very, very good. I would highly recommend it if you haven't already seen it.

Air Force One

What can I say, I really like movies in HD. Another movie I don't own, another movie I enjoy on one of the HD movie channels. This one was actually TNT but TNT HD is actually one of the better picture quality channels. I enjoy this movie a lot even though it really isn't very good. It is probably the last enjoyable movie that Harrison Ford has made. There is still hope that he can make another enjoyable movie but we'll see. It is 10 years and running.

On a personal aside, I remember this as the movie that made me a take a slight detour in my Toys R Us career. I used Pretty Bird for a free ticket to see this and talked to some old theater friends of mine about coming back. It was a nice 14 month detour that really helped me realize I didn't want to work at a movie theater for the rest of my life and helped me get a good raise when I came back to TRU.

Anyways, the movie is a good bit of fun. Gary Oldman is as always great. Harrison is very believable as a President who can also lay the physical smackdown.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Yet another movie on one of the various HD movie channels, unlike the Back to the Future series I don't actually own Glory, not sure why. Anyways I'm almost always compelled to watch this one when I get the chance.

I'm 30 years old, how does a movie get me chocked up. Bastards.

First Blood

Rambo was on one of the HD movie channels and as I was flipping through them Pretty Bird was making fun of Stallone and Rambo. I've been trying to tell her that First Blood is actually a good movie. Based on my previous assertions that First Blood is a good movie she had purchased it for me last year at some random holiday that I should remember. Anyways I haven't watched it and in fact I hadn't watched in quite a few years. Being prompted by Rambo being on TV we threw First Blood into the DVD player.

It turns out I was remembering the novel as being very good. The movie isn't very good but the novel by David Morrell is one I'd recommend. They are both very dated but the novel doesn't make Rambo to be a very sympathetic character at all which obviously had to be changed for the screen. The movie isn't horrible but it isn't very good either. The acting by Richard Crenna (Colonel Trautman) if you call acting, is atrocious to the point of being painful. Stallone and Dennehy are fine. The movie is actually pretty short which I found odd but I guess doesn't matter either way.

If you haven't seen First Blood by now there is really no reason to now.

Back to the Future, Part 3

The Conclusion!

Like you didn't think we actually watched the third part. Sure we could have watched them un-edited from the DVD set we already owned but there is something subconscious about watching a movie you enjoy when it is broadcast, YOU JUST MUST DO IT!

This was actually probably The Little One's favorite of the three. She actually would watch each of them in stages, they weren't always her cup of tea. She did come back very frequently on each of them though. This one with the western theme was very intriguing to her. This one is probably Pretty Bird's favorite but I still enjoy the original the best. There are so many things about this one that are great, if only because it plays off the other two so well, my favorite being when Marty goes "Great Scott" followed by Doc's "This is heavy". Great stuff.

One thing, my buddy's and I spent the six months between 2 and 3 trying to figure out how Marty got out of 1955. We were blown away with how simple it was.

Championship Weekend

Tomorrow is an AFC Championship game without the Steelers, do they even hold them without the Steelers? I mean they have been in three out of the last five (well tomorrow will make it three out of the last six).

NFC - Saints at Bears
Everyone and their mother is picking the Saints, I think I even saw Lovie Smith picking the Saints. The Bears are favored and despite me really rooting for the Saints I think they are a better team. I think Berriman and the rest of the Bears WRs will take advantage of the poor Saints DBs. I'm not a huge fan of Cover-2 teams but it is a great defense when the other team has to pass a lot.
Bears 31, Saints 21

AFC - Patriots at Colts
Man I want to pick Peyton. I think the Colts are a better team, I think Peyton is the best player in the NFL (sorry LdT), and I think they're due. I can't pick against the Patriots in the playoffs however. Tom Brady is 12-1 in the playoffs, something dumb like 23-1 on turf, and 10-0 in domes. What does that mean, other than the Patriots being really good who knows. Every part of me says pick the Colts except that whole Patriot mystique thing. I know I wouldn't bet either way on this game.
Patriots 27, Colts 17

Back to the Future, Part 2

To continue on my movie list for 2007, The Little One and I watched Back to the Future, Part 2 on AMC this past week. I really enjoyed this movie when it was released and while it has since become my least favorite of the trilogy I still really enjoy it. Something new I noticed this week was that Elijah Wood is it, at first I wasn't sure it was him, even with the big Frodo eyes, but IMDB hooked me up.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2007 Movies

While reading Dr. Heimlich's blog I got the idea to keep track of how many and what movies I watch during a given year. This will also allow me a reason to keep posting on a somewhat regular basis. Most movies I will not give a full review because most movies I watch will be something most people are familiar with, some I will however. I'm also using some basic rules, they have to be movies that I start to watch not movies that are just on. Well I guess I have one basic rule.

I've seen five movies so far this year, three of them within in the last week.

First up, Back to the Future. I'm not really going to talk about Back to the Future. Everyone likes it, I love it almost every time I've seen. This time was even better because The Little One watched most of it with us. That meant that even with commercials on AMC is still great.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

RIP Curtis

We miss you already Curtis, now who is going to help Jack get his killin on?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Jack is Back!

Welcome back Jack Bauer. I love watching the different ways that Jack kills people every year, very inventive.

Brady Does It Again

I picked against two different factors, both of which are pretty much written in stone. Picking against Tom Brady in the playoffs, he is now 12-1. Also picking Marty Schottenheimer in the playoffs, he is now 5-13. I know there are much to it than just mystique to either of those records but you can't win money in Vegas betting against 12-1 or with 5-13, it just won't happen.

I really feel bad for either the Saints or the Bears, you will have to face either Peyton Manning (who if he gets to the Super Bowl is going to throw like 5 or 6 TDs) or Tom Brady, good luck.

Of course I'm forced to point out that Julie picked all four games this weekend correctly. Silly.

One year ago today

What a great game, what a great savior of a great season. Thanks Ben.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Beauty in the differences

Watching the two teams that won today, Indy and New Orleans, it is a study in contrast. Both of them make their money with very explosive offenses but they do it differently.

The Colts run the same personal on just about every play. They might substitute their halfbacks but that is about it. They use a TE who can also play a 3rd WR and their other TE can also play FB. Basically they use the same personal for like 80% of their plays. They run those 80% of plays from like four or five different looks and that is it.

The Saints are very different than that. They use like 10 different skill players, 1 RB, 2 RB, 3RB, 4B (it helps when you have two RB who can split out wide), 3TE, 4WR, 5WR, it is just crazy. They have four running backs to bring, three different TE, and five WR. Even with all of the different personal they run a variety of different formations and looks.

These differences yet similar success is what I really like about NFL football. Well I'm 1-1 for picks today yet both teams I wanted to win won. Tomorrow I will go 1-1 again if both teams I want to win would win. Go Bears and Patriots!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Bathroom no-no

You should not talk to someone on your cell phone will in the bathroom. The past three trips to the public facilities in this complex has had someone talking to someone on their phone in there. That is just bad ju-ju.


This week has four really good looking playoff games, well at least on paper.

Baltimore 22, Indianapolis 13
When Peyton loses in the playoffs it is almost never in a shootout. The finesse offense of theirs gets shut down, a physical 3-4 team (Patriots, Patriots, Steelers) just destroys them. That is what is going to happen this time. I want to pick them as an upset because I think Peyton actually likes the underdog roll but I just can't pick them. The good 3-4 teams, well Baltimore plays that 4-3/3-4 hybrid that New England players, the good ones just beat Indy. Yet another year with sub-par results in the playoffs should cost the Indy OC his job but it won't. Everyone wants to blame Indy's losses on the defense but it is all the offense. In Peyton's six playoff losses he's only needed to score 25 or more points once, when they were blown out by the Jets 41-0. The other five losses, 19-16, 23-17, 24-14, 20-3, 21-18 (what a fun game), it looks to me that the D is doing their job.

San Diego 44, New England 10
In the past year Bill Cowher and Tony LaRussa both won the Championship so maybe it is Marty's time. In this round of the playoffs 14-2 teams don't lose very often, if at all. I could easily see it going silly for the Chargers as well, in experience at QB and Marty as a coach, silly can happen. Plus I heard a rumor that Tom Brady guy can win some in the playoffs (11-1 I believe). Still I'm picking the blow out, first play, play action deep, Rivers to random SD WR on the side that Samuel isn't on, Touchdown!

Chicago 24, Seattle 17
This game's score will appear much closer than the game will be. Sexy Rexy or not, 13-3 teams don't lose to 9-7 teams in the playoffs. The Bears will throw some deep but just pound the ball on the ground in 3 wide sets because the Seahawks D is weak and even weaker against a 3 wide set. The Bears D is just been playing on cruise control since like week 8, they'll be fine. Plus the Seahawks don't have Steve Smith.

New Orleans 38, Philadelphia 14
Five wide, all the time. The Saints are going to come out passing and passing often. Then when you think they'll run they will pass again. The Eagles stop the run well but must blitz to stop the pass and Brees will shred them. The Eagles will then force themselves to throw too often thus eliminating their best weaspon, Westbrook.

I really want it to be NE, Indy, Chicago, NO but I think I might luck out and get half that. Of course The Football Gods could continue the year of spite and have the Seahawks and Eagles win, two teams I can't stand.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Crazy Driving

First let me say go me with my qualified prediction of a UF upset over THE OSU.

Now onto the crazy driving I've witnessed over the past 24 hours.

First the craziness.

Yesterday about 6:00pm on a rather busy, four lane plus middle turning lane, there was a crazy guy on a bicycle. I'm in the left lane heading north, the traffic is moving pretty quick but there is a good bit of traffic. The bicycle guy jumps out onto the road heading west (across traffic) directly in front of the truck to my right. The truck breaks then the bike goes north for about 20 feet then pulls out directly in front of me. I'd already slowed down at this point which is good, he goes north for about 10 feet then heads west again. On his trek he almost gets hit by a car heading south. Once he reached the side of the road he zooms back across the road heading east almost getting hit a few times. Once again when he reach the other side he went back across completely ignoring the cars. At this point I can't see him in my mirror anymore but I decide to call the police. I'm fairly certain he is on drugs, drunk, or just trying to get hit by a car. I just let the police know he is just zooming back and forth trying not to avoid traffic. I didn't read about a man in a bike being killed so hopefully he didn't get hit.

The second crazy thing was this morning. There is only one way out of my complex and in the morning there are these two girls who set up what can only be described as a lemonade or hotdog stand. We live with a lot of construction worker or daylabor types and I guess they buy whatever food they are selling. They set up about 25 feet from the end of the complex. It is usually very annoying because there is usually at least one car just stopped in the exit way of the complex buying some random food thing. Today there is no one parked and I'm the third car in a line of cars leaving the place, me, a huge white truck which I can't see around, and a car. Before we reach the end of the complex the truck breaks and then swerves to the left. I obviously slow down but eventually have to swerve as well. The car in front of the truck has decided to back up quickly to the food stand, with apparently no regard for the fact that there were cars behind him. He just stopped, put it in reverse, stepped on the gas, and wanted a hotdog.


The fun things were just me enjoying my new Mustang.

Yesterday Jdub and I were out to lunch and we took the interstate back even though we didn't need to because I wanted to open the Mustang up a little. Not a lot of traffic, only 2.5 miles between exits. There was enough traffic and it being at 12:45 that I decided to slow down. We were up to about 95 or so, in fourth, at about 5500 RPMs so she had plenty more to give. Maybe when I don't have a passenger and not on a busy road we can see what she'll actually do.

Today after the I finally get on the road some guy wants to be a jerk. The back way I take to work is two by two lanes but eventually goes to one by one. At the light before it goes down to just two lanes total I'm in the left where the lane will still be in 150 ft or so and then there is a Honda Civic in the right lane. Apparently he was trying to get my attention, he wants to cut in front of me to avoid the lane disappearing but apparently I didn't look his way fast enough or he is wired wrong or something. He has his turn signal on and I look over after he laid on his horn, then he points towards me, indicating he wants to get over. Before I can even register what he is doing he flicks me off and honks again. Then he starts to rev up his circa 1995 Honda Civic. Normally I wouldn't try and take some guy off the line but was a little fun.

2006 Mustang 1, 1995 Honda Civic 0

Monday, January 8, 2007

National Championship Game

I can't really root for either team for various reasons. I won't be rooting for UF but I do like it when the press is wrong. The press and 'experts' have been so strong OSU and Big Ten this year. The SEC is the best conference in football, it has been the best conference in football for 10+ years. Winning the SEC is huge, I expect the Gators to give THE buckeyes a good game, maybe even an upset.

Newest Toy

I'm a person who really likes toys, be it an actual toy like the many on my desk or some new tech thing like an iPod or Xbox 360. Here is my newest toy and boy is she nice.

Since as long as I can remember I've wanted to mess around with this style of toy. I'm from the south, my family and friends were always into cars. Big muscle cars were the ones of choice. When I was actually old enough to drive however this type of car wasn't viable, I just never had the money. Now we're doing a okay, for the most part, and it was time.

The nice thing about a Mustang is that they aren't really considered a sports car. It has room in the back, well kinda, enough for the little one. We didn't get a GT/V8, we got the V6. She is actually used, a 2006 but only 2400 miles on her. We looked for new ones but saved almost $7,000 on the sticker by getting a used one. With only 2400 miles though she is virtually a new car, basically we got a new car without paying the 'drive it off the lot' tax.

As you can see about she is the best kind of new, fast car, mine. Sure Pretty Bird can drive it once she figures out how. Pretty Bird can't drive a manual so right now this beauty is all mine.

We actually picked her up on Wednesday but it has been raining all week so I couldn't get a good picture. We also didn't want to spoil the surprise to my youngest brother, he has a ~1991 GT 5.0 and like any good American just loves the 2005 and beyond Mustang.

The Corvette will have to wait. We almost bought a 1984 Corvette with only 78,000 miles on it instead but wanted to wait. When we get a house with a garage we'll buy a 70's style Corvette and fix her up. Right now though we'll be fine with this beauty. Not quite a sports car but she sure is worthy of the Mustang tradition.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Friday, January 5, 2007

Thanks Bill

161-99-1 including ten trips to the playoffs, six trips to the AFC Championship Game, two trips to the Super Bowl and one Super Bowl win (not bad for an ex-Brown). It has been a great 15 years. During the last 15 years the term "Steelers Football" really meant something. The Steelers have rushed for the most yards and allowed the least amount of rushing yard in the entire league. As of last year no team had won more games but I'd have to add it up myself to figure it out, too much work.

No team played harder than the Steelers during this last 15 years. I've really enjoyed watching the Steelers for 15 years, most of the teams were exactly the same. Run the ball, stop the run, blitz the QB on 3rd and long, and throw deep some.

I know he'll be retired for about two years or so and I'm sure he'll coach for a team that isn't the Steelers when he returns. He'll always be a Steeler to me though.


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Year, New Look!

Sorry I haven't been posting very often but Pretty Bird and I have been very busy the past few weeks. I'm simply haven't been in front of a computer with any spare time. Work is also really busy which means I haven't been able to update from work. Soon things will slow down and I will post on a regular-ish basis.