Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Top 20 World Series

ESPN just ran the a show about the 20 best World Series ever. The Braves were on the list twice :(

#20 - F Mark Wohlers and throwing Leyritz (f him to) a slider instead of a 101 mph fastball. Also Bobby, come on Klesko hits the most HR on the team but ends up with 11 AB, wtf.

#4 - Liebrandt vs. Kirby, yeah we knew how that would end before it even happened. Kirby hit like .800 vs. lefties. Jack Morris was a stud in game 7, not that Smoltz was bad that day either.

Friday, July 7, 2006


Well I'm back in the eastern part of the US and back at work. The past three weeks have been brutal in terms of working in the office and then traveling to Anaheim for Anime Expo. I actually leave a week from today for another trip to the west coast, first Anaheim for a few days with the family and then San Diego Comic-Con. Our office shifted some duties around and I now handle all shows for our office. That is about 12 to 14 shows a year. Normally not a huge deal but in July/August there is seven of them, lots of fun.

Well I might expand on what has been happening later on but now back to work :)