Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bring on the Jags...Again

Man I really hate playing the Jaguars.

I Hate The Ravens

Man do I hate the Ravens. Hopefully the second string players the Steelers are using can make a stand and score a few points in the second half. No Ben, Hines, Troy, plus a few others makes for a long game. Mix that with their slew of mistakes and you have a 13 point deficit. Onto the second half.

Week 17

Week 17 in the NFL is always really weird. The good teams usually rest their players to get ready for the playoffs, the bad teams try the younger players to see if they're any good, and the middle teams play hard. The Steelers are a good team, well better than most. They aren't going to win the Super Bowl, hell they probably won't win their first game in the playoffs. Still a 10-6 or 11-5 season is enough for me. Not bad for a year after they were 8-8. They have a lot of things to build on next year but a good bit of good things as well.

Beating Baltimore and going 6-0 in the division would be nice. Even without Willie Parker, Troy, and Ben I think they're better than the Ravens. We'll see how hard they play today though. They should win but I bet they'll be looking forward to the Jacksonville rematch next week.

Back from FLA

We're back from our 10 trip into central Florida. It was a great trip and I will make sure to post details of all of our adventures. Despite it being a great trip I know we're excited to be home.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from my family to yours.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

A nice win and a huge loss

Losing Willie Parker for the season is brutal, just brutal. Still a 10-6 or even 11-5 season is about the best I was hoping for this season. Beating the Rams is great. I'm sure I'll blog more later but it is late and we just drove 7 hours. Great to get the win in either way.

They'd better

I've been asked all week if the Steelers will beat the Rams tonight. I have no idea. They've played like shit for six games in a row and have gone 3-3. The Steelers are better than the Rams but they way they've played, who knows. I know one thing for sure they better win. If they can't beat the Rams then what sense is making the playoffs. I look for them to rebound some but again who knows. It also sucks I don't get to watch it since I'm on the road but it is for a great trip. Man I hope they win.

Road trip Rules

When I was in late high school/early college I had a couple of buddies and we'd take a few road trips. They were usually very short, all usually a few hours away at most. We had two trips go well and the next one involved all sorts of issues. We decided the difference was Stairway To Heaven, we didn't play it on our third trip. We made sure on future trips to play Stairway and things usually went well. Even one trip we forgot the CD and were about to turn back about thirty minutes into the trip but then the radio station saved us.

We're about to leave on a road trip and I made sure to include Stairway, you don't want to upset the Road Trip Gods.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GI Joe

I loved the comics books, the toys, and sometimes the TV show. Obviously I will check out the GI Joe movie. They keep leaking some casting information and I gotta say it looks good. Sienna Miller as the Baroness and Ray Park as Snake Eyes. The rest seems to be nobodies so far and then I heard about the Scarlett casting. They cast Rachel Nichols as Scarlet. It seemed a little odd to cast a sports reporter in a movie but she does have red hair and could pull it off. Of course I looked into it and it is the other Rachel Nichols of Alias fame. This one also has red hair and to me looks more like a live action Scarlett.

I'm sure my buddy Jdub will be displeased.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


There are things that come off as very pretentious when someone tries to convince of their side of the argument. I find vegetarians that try to convert me to come off as pretentious. I'm not a huge fan of Monty Python and trying to convert me to be a follower just comes off as you thinking you're better than I am. Same with the Office. I get the jokes I just don't find them very funny.

Now I'm not a smoker so maybe I would feel differently if I was. I've never smoked in my life, not once. I don't go around crusading for people to stop smoking but if it comes up in a conversation I have trouble containing myself. Smoking is really bad for you and you shouldn't do it. If I'm in a position to be talking to you then I'm probably your friend, acquaintance, or co-worker. I know you and I'd rather you not get some cigarette related disease. I mean hell you're 8 times more likely to get lung cancer if you're a smoker vs. a nonsmoker.

Twice in the past few weeks I've had co-workers come off as an idiot defending their smoking. Once was when I brought up to a guy who was getting over a cold and couldn't smoke near as much as he wanted to. I just said maybe he could use this time to stop smoking. He then tried to explain to me that he had a doctor tell him that smoking was no worse than breathing. He went on to explain that his doctor relates smoking related issues to being hit by a truck, sometimes it just happens. I'd say that isn't a very good doctor.

The one didn't involve me but two other people. One was giving the other shit about smoking. The smokers defense was he was going to die anyway, who cares if it was when he was 50 or 70. The other one then asked about his kids and he said it was his life.

I understand it is your life, if you want to smoke go ahead. It is a free country, mostly. I also understand it is a chemical addiction and it is hard to quit. But don't think I'm reminding you it is a bad thing to do because I think I'm better than you. It is an awful thing to do. I've seen people fight cancer, if you can do things to help prevent it I'd recommend that. It doesn't look fun to fight. Also please don't come up with some dumbass excuse as to why smoking is okay.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Worldwide Pants to the rescue

Dave Letterman is apparently going to bypass the TV/studio organization and negotiate with the WGA directly. It is how things should be, less organizations/unions. Let people negotiate one on one for what works for themselves/their company. It is 2007, the need for unions and groups such as the AMPTP have long since passed.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Go Clinton Portis!

I'm 6 points down to make the Championship Game with only Clinton Portis to go. My opponent has nobody left so I have a chance!

I Hate Jacksonville

Man do I hate the Jacksonville Jaguars. Almost as much as I hate Fred Taylor. I had to deal with Fred Taylor when he played at UF and then almost every year in his pro career. He did well against FSU and against the Steelers. I really do hate the Jags.

Stupid NFL

Man following the Steelers can be tough. I mean that, I really do. They have so many teams that historically give them trouble and they usually play some combination of those teams every year. Now I know that upon reflection they usually win most of those games but that doesn't make it any easier to follow the games. Next team up for the Steelers is the stupid Jaguars. The Jags are 10-8 lifetime against the Steelers. Even when the Steelers do win it is always a tough fought game. This included all the time the Jags were an expansion team. Like I said stupid NFL.

The Steelers do have a few things going for them. Mainly they're playing at home and just got destroyed last week. They're 7-0 at home and would probably love to finish the season perfect at home. Plus they'd like to show the sports talking heads around the country that they are a good team just like the rest of non-Colts NFL, head and shoulders behind the Patriots. The Jags are also without a lot of their stud run defenders but with the Steelers who knows. They run well against good teams and then poorly against teams like the Jets and Broncos. We'll see what they come out and do today. I'm very apprehensive but I think the Steelers are in a good position to win. Stupid NFL.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I was able to catch an earlier plane and miss the winter storm hitting New England this weekend. We did get to go through 8 inches of snow on Thursday which was really cool. I was a little worried about the snow keeping me in NE for longer than I wanted but I'm back.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Disney Christmas

One week from today we start our Disney Christmas in Disney World. A total of 13 from my family will be down there for Christmas and man should it be a good time. I will update more about our week long trip in the happiest place on earth.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

8 inches!

From someone who grew up in Florida having 8 inches of snow drop in 10 hours is a little daunting. The locals aren't worried so neither am I but man it is a lot of snow.

Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets

Obviously if I'm going to watch all four of the HP movies before Order of the Phoenix comes out on DVD I need to catch Chamber of Secrets. I actually don't like the second movie and I really don't like the second book. Looking back I give Rowling a lot of credit for being able to plan that far ahead like she did with Chamber of Secrets. So many things throughout the entire run are seeded in the second act and most writers can't think that far ahead. Even when they're able to they change their minds. She is a really good writer.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Personal Football Glory

Okay I don't play football but I did have a good week with my personal football related things.

My fantasy football team made the playoffs as the #1 seed, home field advantage baby!

In our office pool I picked 16 of 16 correct this week. Too bad I wasn't in Vegas.

Of course I'd give it all up for a Steelers win.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hartford, CT

I have to travel to Hartford, CT in the middle of December for a few days for work. At least I'll get to avoid the 80 degree temperatures and knock another state off my list. Plus I think we'll make an appearance to Foxwoods which sounds interesting. Be back hopefully on Saturday.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Too Hot

A high of 78 in the middle of December is just too hot.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shut Your Mouth

If you're going to talk to the talk don't get beat twice on long pass plays. Idiot.

The outcome was about what I expected because the Patriots are really good, I mean really good. The Steelers have effectively a two game lead with three to play, still a halfway decent season. I just hope Peyton can beat the Patriots in a month or so but we'll see.


I just hope it isn't a Patriots blowout. Being a Steelers fan we can get a little spoiled. Sure they have their bad years but not many of them, the are .500 or better almost every year. I believe in my 31 years they've only had a losing season 6 or 7 times. Sure I can look it up but I'm not going to. With that I don't into many games expecting the Steelers lose. This is the first game since the 2005 playoffs vs. the Colts that expect them to lose. I guess 9-4 isn't that bad.

Before you think I'm selling them out completely, I think the Steelers can win. The Steelers are pretty good and New England isn't quite as good as people think. That being said, the Steelers are only fourth or fifth best team in the NFL and the Patriots are very clearly the best team. Better teams usually win in the NFL, especially at home.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

We Miss You Troy

Come back Polamalu, I know the Steelers are going to need you tomorrow.

Friday, December 7, 2007

December 7, 1941

When I was about 13 or 14 my mom bought a brand new card, the first new car I can remember her buying. I remember her being very happy and exciting about her new car. The biggest thing I remember about the car however was how upset my grandfather was at her buying that car. He hated that her daughters would buy a Japanese car. My aunt had already owned an RX-7. To me it was just a car and we'd owned a Volvo before so I know my grandfather didn't preach Buy American as his reasoning. He made sure his computer was an Apple and his TV was a Zenith. I got a Sony stereo when I was 12 I think and he was upset over it.

When I was 17 my US History teacher was a little weird, in a good teacher kind of way. She wanted our papers on 20th century history to involve actual research and reporting, not just books. Her theory was there was still people alive to talk about it, go talk to them. I decided to do a paper on World War 2 and its affect on people in the United States. Obviously I talked to my grandparents.

My grandfather was a very outspoken person, talking to him about World War 2 was interesting. It was the first time I really got to understand his hatred of all things Japanese. He lost friends and people he knew at the attack on Pearl Harbor and then throughout the war in the Pacific. He talked to me about standing in line for four hours to join the Navy. He talked about being upset he was that he wasn't allowed to serve. He talked about how in 1941 America didn't care about the rest the world and no one understood how some island nation decided to attack us. He sure didn't understand. He never forgave them for it either.

A lot of people died on December 7th 1941 and the many days afterwards of World War 2. I reflect upon it and think how tragic it is. I also feel very guilty. On Pearl Harbor Day I usually just get sad thinking about my grandfather and our hours of conversations instead of remembering the people who died. I was very close to my grandfather and miss him a lot and it is odd that my brain decides this day as a day to think about him.

I do honor the servicemen who paid the ultimate price but I really do miss my grandfather.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

We don't bet on the Steelers

Someone at work was going to give me 20 points if I'd bet with him on the Steelers/Patriots game. I didn't take it and then had to deal with my boss giving me shit over and over again. My family doesn't bet on the Steelers, I think it is bred into us. Here is an actual exchange with my uncle this year in June. He is telling me a story about him and his neighbor and last year's Dolphins/Steelers game. The won that opened the season after they won the Super Bowl. My uncle is a 45 year old construction worker who does like his beer and lives a little north of Miami. Here is how the story went.

His neighbor wanted him to bet $100 on the Steelers.

Neighbor - "TMacs Uncle, come on bet me $100 that your Steelers win"
TMacs Uncle - "I don't bet on the Steelers"
N - "What, you don't like your team enough to wager $100 on them"
TU - "I don't bet on the Steelers"
N - "Come on, it just a $100"
TU - "We don't fucking bet on the Steelers in my family"
N - "Wimps, come on bet"
TU - We don't fucking bet on the Steelers!"

I'm sure it went back and forth but that is what it is like. We don't fucking bet on the Steelers. Bad enough I have to pick their game every week. To my boss that wouldn't leave me alone, "WE DON'T FUCKING BET ON THE STEELERS", just leave me alone. I don't pick on you about liking the Seahawks. Well okay, I do but it is the Seahawks.

I did finally shut him up by asking him if he had a Seahawks Super Bowl 40 t-shirt. Man he wouldn't leave me alone.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dumb Ass

Anthony Smith is one helluva safety in the NFL, well he is going to be. He does have attitude issues which is really stands out on the Steelers where you don't have many players who act like an idiot. Now Smith went and talked like an idiot. Dumb ass.

Take the Pats and the points

The average line opened up at -14 for the Pats and is now -11.5 for the Pats. The reason for the change is that 89% of the bets are going for the Steelers. Man we Steelers fans are a crazy, dedicated bunch. After two off weeks I fully expect a motivated Patriots team to crush my Steelers. This does mean I don't care about superstitions as much this week since I know my team will lose.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Color Blind

Most times I can fake it in the world of color, I really can. I actually see most reds and greens just fine, other times not so much. I guess it is okay the Christmas chain The Little One and I made is okay being green and pink instead of green and red. She didn't seem to mind.


The Steelers are going to get killed, we all know it. The only hope I'm holding out is that the Steelers are better than the Ravens and Eagles. Both of those almost beat the Patriots so there is a little hope. Still I expect the Steelers to get destroyed by the Patriots. Stupid NFL.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Patriots vs. Ravens

It is tough, a very hard game for me. On one hand I really don't want the Patriots to win and go undefeated. On the other hand I can't ever root for the Ravens. Plus if the Patriots lose tonight they sure as hell won't lose next week. Granted I don't think they are going to lose next week either way. Stupid NFL.

Four Games

That is four games in a row they haven't looked very good, at least on offense. That defense looks really good, I mean really good. The second half of the game was just shitty for both sides, not good for either. Hopefully Willie got the fumbles out of his system. Of course they will be 17 to 20 point underdogs next week and rightfully so. Stupid Patriots.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

More Second Quarter, Less First Quarter

Man the Steelers are lucky they have a great defense because their offense really blew chunks in the first quarter. The second quarter was a lot better though. They just a little bit more like the second quarter and a lot less of playing like they did in the first quarter.

Division Games

Man are division games tough. The Steelers are much better than the Bengals but that doesn't really matter since it is a division game. The Steelers have played like shit the last two weeks but at least they've finished 2-1 in those games. A win tonight would give the Steelers a two game lead over the Browns in the division. Plus the Steelers hold the tie-breaker. So essentially a three game lead with four games to play. I just hope the homefield advantage will help tonight, that mixed with the Steelers actually being better than the Bengals.

All they have to do is remember how to pass block and things should be good.

Good Stuff

About the best thing outside of a Steelers win happened today, a Browns loss. Thanks Crimson Herbivores.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Die Hard

Just like Love, Actually, Die Hard is one of our annual Christmas movies. Still good after all of these years. Alan Rickman is just incredible in this movie.