Monday, April 30, 2007

Walk Off!

Andruw gives us a walk off in the 9th, not much better than that. What good stuff. The Jones' went deep in the same game again and they are now 3-0 this year when they homer together.

Tomorrow I will bitch about Baseball Tonight. In between sucking the Yankees or Mets dicks they did their first month wrap up, I think. One would wonder who has the best record in the NL or who has taken two series from the Mets, their choice for the best team in the NL. Oh yeah, I also get a 10 second highlight of Andruw's walk off. I saw a ton of Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets highlights tonight. Mets got their ass kicked, some Marlins highlights would be good but Beltran went 4 for 5, gotta talk about him. The Yankees and Red Sox highlights were key though, more important SINCE THEY HAD THE NIGHT OFF! Idiots. I miss Gammons on the show.

Sorry Bob

Bob Wickman was put on the DL today. His last three games were actually horrible, he looked like he was in pain and he didn't pitch well. Hopefully a few weeks of rest and he'll be good to go. Without him it will be interesting to see how the bullpen does.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bound to happen

The bullpen last year blew five saves by this time last year. This year they've blown three, not exactly a huge improvement, at least to the point of being elite. I think with Hudson's improvement and a full year of Chuck James they are actually a better team. However blowing a two run lead in the 9th, not a good way to win ball games. Maybe tomorrow against the redhot Phillies.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Marketing Powerhouse

I work in marketing, I have worked in marketing for over five years now. Some days I hate, some days I love it. I feel for the most part I'm pretty good at it. When you have some knowledge in a field you really tend to notice good or bad examples in that field. One great example of marketing is the NFL, man they are good. The fricking draft is a huge deal. People wonder why they make so much money, anything that can make a hiring selection a media sensation over two leagues playoffs and the beginning of what used to be America's pastime, incredible.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Back from the desert

Well I'm back from Vegas. The show went really well. I had a good time and everyone seemed to enjoy our new game. I'll write more once I get over some of this jetlag.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Off to Vegas!

Off to Vegas, yet again for a trade show. I do love this city and we do announce our newest game but I would just as soon stay home. For some reason this trip seems too rushed or maybe it just a little off. We'll see how it goes. I am excited to see Peiper, Goodrich, Kim, Beal, Hayden, Brune, Andy, and a few others again. Hopefully Bojo made the trip. If you're in Vegas see you then, if not see you when I get back.


Steve McQueen and a 1968 Ford Mustang 390GT Fastback, what could go wrong. What a great movie, a precursor to Dirty Harry and even the Die Hard/Lethal Weapon type movies. The badass cop and a great high speed car chase. Man the Mustang looks good and sounds incredible. What a fun movie.

Smoltz > Glavine Again

Well not really. It was the Braves bats > than the Mets bullpen. Either way I'll talk it. Like I've said before the Braves do have some skills they just haven't put it all together quite yet. If they do they could be good, if not they'll win about 85 games. We'll see what happens, it is a long season.

I'll take the first two series against the Mets 4 to 2 though, way to go Braves.


We received some Best Buy money in the mail and figured it was time for a trip to get some useless junk. Goldeneye was on sale for $7.50 and it made sense to pick it up, I love me some James Bond. I just love this movie, its got James Bond, Queen Elizabeth, Q, Hagrid, Jean Gray, Nightcrawler, and Boromir in it, what other geekness do you need. I think it is Brosnan's best Bond movie, by far. My favorite part of the movie is how they make fun of previous Bond movies, just great.

A lot of Heroes

Yesterday evening NBC ran a mini Heroes marathon of the recent episodes before the break. Pretty Bird, The Little One, and I watched the last two, well the little one didn't make it through the last episode, she fell asleep, it was late. I can't say it enough, that show is so good. I'm actually upset that I'm going to miss the episode on Monday. Hopefully we'll be able to catch it at the show but I doubt that we'll be able to catch it. Right now I'm having issues with the number of lines in the house so the TiVo can only catch one show. I gave Heroes priority over 24, it pains me after years of watching Jack save the world but Heroes just takes the cake. With NBC and Fox showing Heroes and 24 online the day after they air I'm not that worried, I'll catch them both.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Smoltz vs. Glavine Part 2

Well it seems Oliver Perez is shit against the rest of the league but the second coming of Bob Gibson against the Braves. Oh well. The Braves went from the best record in baseball to the third best record with today's loss. I still think they are doing a lot of it with smoke and mirrors. The rotation is pretty good, top 3 got game. The bullpen has some talent and some scrubs, the defense is a little suspect. The offense actually might be okay if some of them would start hitting. Andruw and then then whoever is hitting 7th and 8th really need to get going. I won't be surprised if they win some games but I expect them to just have an average season.

Tomorrow is Smoltz vs. Glavine again, good times. At least time I get to watch it.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Larry, Larry, Larry

I guess that is the best way to make sure the Mets lose when the Braves win is to actually have the Braves play the Mets. Hudson has been incredible this year and it is even better than he beat the Mets.

Pretty Bird and I were watching the first inning and the PA guy announces "playing 3rd base, #10 Chipper Jones" and the Shea faithful let him have the boos. Every since September 21, 1999 they've really hated him in Queens. Too bad they forget he crushed them before that but it was the two home run day against Al Leiter and the 2-1 win vs. the Mets that started the real hatred. That three game sweep of the Mets pushed the Braves ahead of the division for good, Chipper hit 4 HR and drove in 7 of the 13 runs during the sweep.

Anyway, Chipper comes up, boos, and the Shea chant..."Larry, Larry, Larry" and Chipper does what he does against the Mets in Shea, Home Run! What good times. Hopefully we can win one of the next two and end up taking two of three against the hated Mets.

Most of the work is done

It wouldn't really matter if it wasn't done because the trade show starts on Monday. We're mostly done, I think. My direct boss really likes to do everything right near the deadline and it is really annoying. I don't mind running around when something needs to be done, I just really wish it because of poor planning. Anyways most of the stuff looks great, I think we're going to have a decent GAMA Trade Show.

One thing I got to work on this week was a lot more photoshop/indesign stuff than I have in the past. I don't really know much about it but I'm learning and it can a little fun. Stressful that I have so much to do with no real knowledge but someone's gotta do it.

I should have an update on Monday or Tuesday on what our new game is, we're really excited in the office.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

So Tired

Good lord it has been a bit of work this week, I'm beat. Working until 11:30pm isn't a lot of fun. Well at least the idiot from Kansas City didn't give up 11 runs but the Braves still lost. Maybe tomorrow I'll offer more insight.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Hats Off

I really must applaud the Washington Nationals for wearing Virginia Tech hats during yesterday's game versus the Braves. It was a great showing by a bunch of professional athletes. Other than game results most of what you hear about sports is how an athlete acts like an idiot. It is really nice to them do something really nice.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It is even better

The Mustang is even more fun to drive after I've spent time driving a different car. I drove a truck from work for a few hours tonight (picking up a gas grill, just in time for warm weather) and I dropped it off. It is a tough truck to drive but it just made driving the Mustang that much more fun.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Paint By Numbers, 24 Style

Tonights episode was pretty enjoyable it was just very transparent, not good writing. Every single turn was so obvious, at least in 24-verse, and that was a little disappointing. Jack is quick on the draw though, sorry Silver Spoons.

Next week presents a problem, Heroes returns and I'm out of town, tough stuff.

Opinions are like...

We'll they're like something.

I've wrote a few times now about that I'm going to write about my opinions on race in the US and I'm still going to. Today's horrific events at Virginia Tech however prompted me to want to write about something else.

Even with events like tragedy in Blacksburg I don't think the world or United States is any worse now than it was before. I truly believe the number of sick bastards in the worlds, the kind of person that thinks their personal problems merit shooting up a school, or they should sleep with a student, or molest one of the members of their church, whatever sick ass thing that shows up in the headlines. The number of those bastards in the world hasn't really increased, in my opinion, at least percentage wise.

There are over 6 billion people on the planet, if X percentage of people are going to be sick fucks and you have three times as many people as some 30 or 40 years ago, you're going to have three times as many sick fucks.

Instant news has made the news global and quick. If some psycho in another village 200 years ago freaked out and killed 20 people you didn't hear about it. Hell even 15 years ago it took the evening news or the next day's paper for most of the world to catch, if not days. Instant news isn't making these things more prevalent it is just making these things more on our collective consciousness.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jackie Robinson Day

Like I wrote earlier this week I'm going to write about my opinions about race relations in the United States. Today makes perfect sense to do it, it is the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's debut in Major League Baseball. I'm still going to write my opinions on it just not yet, I'll summarize real quick though. I think it is incredibly naive to think there isn't still race issues in the US. I think those relations are even worse when it comes to American sports and sports fans. I do believe however most things that are viewed as race issues are actually economic issues. Like I said I will write more on it later.

Back to Jackie Robinson Day. I think it is great that Major League Baseball was way ahead of the rest of country in allowing a black player to do something equal to a white player. My biggest thing about Jackie Robinson personally, yes I have a Jackie Robinson story. My grandfather, the only man long term in my life, was a huge mentor for me. He knew baseball better than anyone I've ever known and was far and away the biggest baseball fan there was. I don't hold it against him that he was a Phillies fan but still a huge fan. My grandfather however didn't hold people who weren't white protestants in high regard. He kept it away from me until I was in my teens. I do not share his opinions and I really think they are out of place. However when I was in my teens I felt it wasn't my place as a 14 year old to tell someone in their late 60s, who had raise three daughters, been with their wife for 45 years, lived through World War 2, how to think. If he wants to think that way it is his right. Actually 15 some years later I still believe that. I think everyone is allowed their opinion and to think what they want.

I came down to visit him when I was 18 or 19 for a week or so. We went to a few spring training games. One of the games he made sure we went to was the game with the Expos. He knew I was a Braves fan so we went to a few of those games. But we went to see the Expos play and I wondered why and he asked him. He said he wanted to make sure to see some kid play, someone who was going to be a huge star, someone in his words he was going to love watching play. My grandfather was excited to see a player he was going to look forward to watching play for years in the bigs. He comes up to bat and I was pleasantly shocked, it was Vladimir Guerrero. If you follow baseball you know how correct my grandfather was, Vlad has been incredible. During the game he was 3 for 4 with a homer and a triple, the triple was just nuts watching him move around the bases. I just really wasn't expecting a non-white player.

Later that week I asked him who the greatest player he'd ever seen play was. This was 50 years of baseball players, maybe Ted Williams, maybe Mike Schmidt, even Pete Rose, or Steve Carlton, lots of different options. My grandfather doesn't even hesitate and the words that come out of his mouth, "Jackie Robinson. His career numbers don't match up but that is because MLB took too long to allow blacks to play." He went about the time he'd seen him play, how good he actually was, how good he could have been. My grandfather, a man I love, a man I respect but with this personality issue I can't stand, him disliking everyone who isn't white. The sport he loves as much as anything in the world (except probably his family) and he thinks Jackie Robinson was the best player he'd ever seen. He spent 20 minutes talking about Jackie Robinson, it wasn't just respect, he really liked watching him play. He even went on to say that Baseball was dumb in not letting him play. He even added that players like Satchel Paige or Josh Gibson would have really put up incredible numbers if they were allowed to play in the bigs.

So that to me is one of the great things about sports, the great gift that Jackie Robinson gave to the United States. He gave us as a country the gift of being color blind. We don't care if the person is Japanese or black or Jewish or even orange, if they are good and help our chosen team win then more power to them. Sure when they act the fool off the field we destroy them but on the field there is no color. You root for your team, if your a Braves fan than everyone is red, white, and blue, if your a Yankees fan then everyone has pinstripes. You don't care about the person in the uniform as long as he is in your uniform and he performs and helps your team. I've seen lifelong racists root for Michael Jordan or Emmit Smith, color doesn't matter in sports, at least on the field.

That is what I remember about Jackie Robinson and I really must say thank you. The country has a long way to go but at least for the most part sports shows us what it is like when we get there.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

1/3 of the total runs

The Braves have given up 35 total earned runs and of those 12 of them have been given up by Redman. Over 1/3 of the runs, wtf. They've given up 41 total runs in their 11 games. In the two starts by Redman they've given up 22 runs or an overage of 11 runs a game. In the other 9 games they've given up a total 19 runs. Yeah that is right less than half the total runs in 9 games compared to more than half in just two games. I think my solution is to just stop starting Redman, idiot.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Spotting Willis 5 runs in the first, not the best way to try and win. Idiot, Kansas City can have this guy back.

Go ahead and write it down

The Marlins are going to win tonight. The Marlins are probably going to take 2 of 3 against the Braves during the weekend. Tonight is a sure loss though. Dontrelle Willis vs. a reject from Kansas City, really why does that guy pitch for us?

I expect even a blowout, just like like time the dope started.

First Loss

The Mustang suffered its first loss today at the hands of a 2002 Camaro Z28 SS. I shouldn't have taken his bait, I was giving him about at 130 or so hp advantage to my V6 Mustang. He didn't smoke me but he had me beat in the 1/3 of a mile or so before the next top light by a good car length or so. Too bad, I guess I'll have to stick to picking on other cars.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Earl is my Hero

I do love My Name Is Earl, really funny. Tonights was really good, started slow but really got funny. The best part of the episode though was the Heroes promo. Only 11 days to go!

Best but Fragile

The Braves still have the best record in baseball despite the loss but the team is so fragile. You're supposed to lose games you only get 2 hits. The offense really needs to get on track or it will soon be third place instead of first place. Plus now we get the ass end of the rotation.

Next up is the Marlins who always play us so tough. I fully expect them to take 2 of 3 from the Braves, man we can't beat them. Bastards.

Don Imus

Sure no one expects the US media to be anything but overhyped sensationalism anymore. That doesn't even pretend to describe how they've behaved this year with Anna Nicole, the Artist Formerly Known as Britney, a few others and now Don Imus.

The only reason I'm writing about it all is because based on recent events in my life I've been debating writing about race relations in the US. I still might write about it, it would be better than just writing about the Braves all the time. Anyway.

None of this is new with Don Imus, he's done race related jokes and insults for a long time or so I come to understand it. His recent remarks weren't overly racist but they were very thinly hidden race insults directed at college kids. I think he is an idiot for the remarks and I wouldn't listen to his show anyways.

I think him being fired is entirely up to his employer. I wouldn't rant about him being fired, if he worked for me I would fire him but I probably wouldn't have employed him to begin with. I think he has every right to say what he wants. I think his employer has every right to employee him if they want or fire him if they want (which they did).

None of that really isn't my point in this post. I've now heard from multiple people that him being fired hurts his free speech rights. Really? How exactly do you come to that conclusion. CBS and MSNBC both have every right to fire him, he cost both of them money. Sponsors were, for reasons all their own, pulling ads and costing his employers money. It doesn't matter why you do it, cost you employer enough money and watch your ass get fired.

The First Amendment does not allow you to say or write whatever you want. What it does do and for the most part pretty well is prevent the US government from making laws that hinder your freedom of speech. CBS and MSNBC are not obliged by the First Amendment to allow their employees to say whatever they want. They are sure not forced to keep an employee who is costing them money.

I even asked someone who was complaining about it another example. Did that person think it was okay if Google just decided to remove their blog based on what they wrote? That person said no, it would be hindering their free speech. Again, really? Google owns Blogger, they have no obligation to keep your blog if they don't like what is on it. Sure it would probably be a bad idea, it could get them a ton of bad PR. If they started doing that they should get a ton of bad PR. But they aren't required to keep blogs up based on the Bill of Rights.


No not the number of games Joe DiMaggio hit safely in. The number of times the Jones' have both hit a HR in the same game. I can't find the number of times they've won in such games but I know it is only like 8 or 9 losses, sometimes they show, sometimes they don't. Last night they didn't. This continues to push the Braves' best record even better.

Tonight is Smotlz going, I gotta say our chances are pretty good. The guy the Nationals have going is usually pretty good against the Braves so that could hurt. Also I sweeps don't have happen very often, it is a lot to expect one. We'll see tonight, it is hard for me to miss a Smoltz game so you know I'll be watching.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Yes he is going to write about baseball again. It is easy to keep me blogging which is something I actually enjoy.

The Braves have the best record in baseball. Their offense finally stepped up and showed a little bit of life, despite trying really hard not to in the first part of the game. Tim Hudson has been incredible in his first two starts. Of course they were playing the Nationals but like I wrote yesterday, even the bad teams win at least 54 games. More Nationals tonight, let's see if Chuck James can have two good starts in a row.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nationals come to town

The Nationals are a horrible team, possibly the worst in all of baseball. The Braves have the best record in league. This could still go poorly, all teams win 54 games, all teams lose 54 games, it is what you do with the other 54 games. Some of those 54 games could be the worst team beating us. In addition to that the Nats are throwing pitchers the Braves have never really seen, they typically suck against those. Mix all of that with the possible let down of beating the Mets, could be bad, we'll see.

Dr. Dolittle

Yet another movie I Tivo'd. I didn't recorded this one for The Little One however. She saw the end of it a few months ago and really wanted to watch it again. She loves animals and the talking animal thing just blew her away. I watched it with her even though I'd already seen it, it was at the movie theater I was working at.

I actually enjoy Eddie Murphy, Beverly Hills Cop 1 and 2, 48 Hours, SNL, Shrek, Mulan, and my favorite Bowfinger are all very enjoyable. I enjoy this one as well but like anything that involves The Little One that is the actual fun. She would ask me a ton of questions as the movie went and when it was over, it was a lot of fun.

Monday, April 9, 2007

16 Blocks

This movie was on HBO and I like Bruce Willis and Richard Donner so I figured I would TiVo it and give it a try.

Well, at least I didn't pay any extra for it, it was awful.

The Last Days of Tony

Last night was the first episode of the final run for The Sopranos. It wasn't an exceptional episode but it was very good. I did spend a good bit of time trying to guess how they are going to end the series based on events introduced in the first episode.

I love The Sopranos but I will probably be happy for the end. The series started in 1999 and this is finishing up only its sixth season. This will be the longest season at a whopping 21 episodes which is huge, every other season was only 13 episodes. In 8 years we will have 78 episodes, that is whole lot Bada but not a bunch of Bing. I will be glad to be done with the anticipation. It has been a great run.

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Smoke and Mirrors

It seems the Braves are just doing it with smoke and mirrors. I don't mind at all, being 5-1 is much better than 1-5. I am a little worried that one run games will catch up to them before too long. A week done and they are one game in first, not bad at all.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Smoltz > Glavine

I watched the game and I'm still not sure how the Braves won. I've been saying for two years that the Mets D would hurt them and it did today but that shouldn't have been enough. Smoltz was greater than Glavine but I'm not sold if the Braves are even close to greater than the Mets. If anything though the Cardinals proved last year that all you have to do is get into the playoffs, the best team doesn't always win.

Edit - I did not steal this headline from Yahoo or Fark, I saw their headline after I wrote mine. Pretty cool though.


How could it get more appropriate than to write about the movie 300 with my 300th post. I logged in and was going to write about Smoltz and the Braves win over the Mets but then I see the post counter stuck at 299, it just makes sense to write about 300.

Pretty Bird and I saw the movie on Thursday night. When I first saw the previews for it I was very blah about it. As I saw more and more previews I was ever more turned off by it. For me to like something that is stylized it really must be good. Then the movie was released and quite a few reviews gave it a good rating. Then even more of my friends have seen it and raved about it, then I figured it was time to see it.

Well we saw it and both loved it. 300 isn't a great movie, it isn't something that you'll look back on and say "man that was a great movie." That doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it. The lead was great, the action was great, the story held your attention. A great popcorn flick in the middle of March (or in our case April). It does set the bar of popcorn flicks high for the Year of the Trilogy.

I've seen two movies released in 2007 and I've enjoyed both of them. Hopefully this will keep up for the rest of the year.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

With all of the Indy 4 talk recently Pretty Bird and I had an itching to watch one of the originals. I love both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Last Crusade so it was a tough choice. I'd recently seen the Raiders, sometime last year and it had been a little bit since I'd seen Last Crusade so that made the decision easy.

Like I said when I talked about Last Crusade (#8) in my Top 100 list, it really makes me laugh. There are so many scenes and one liners in the perfect context to make the movie hilarious. What a great movie.

Ick, that just sucks

What a way to open the season at home, the worst home opener in Braves history. I guess the Mets pitching staff isn't that bad, four games and only 3 runs given up. Maybe we can split the final two and the Mets will leave town only a game up on the Braves. But man 11-1 just sucks.

Another Home Opener Without Me

I'm sad that I will not be at the Braves' home opener again this year. This marks two years in a row I will miss it. I guess I'm just getting older and other things are more important. As much as I've talked about the Braves so far this year it has been six years since I've lived in Atlanta, it just isn't the same.

Tonight's opener brings the Mets into town vs. a Braves team that is starting a pitcher who wasn't good enough to stay on Royals, that is just ass. Well maybe Smoltz can beat Glavine tomorrow.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Anyone got a broom?

Get out your brooms for the impending sweep of the Phillies. Of course I'm not overly confident that Chuck James is a great #3 starter but I do love beating the Phillies.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Victorino tries to steal 3rd, with a two run lead and the MVP at the plate, idiot. Anyways he tries to steal and is meat.

Ryan Howard tries to score from 1st on a double hit to right. Silly MVP, Jeff Francouer plays in RF. He is meat.

The tale of horrible baserunning leads to Atlanta being 2-0.

All of their runs so far this year have been scored by the HR. Brian McCann is going to be fun to watch for the next few years. The new bullpen, again only two games but 8IP, 2W, 2S, only 1 ER.

I really must decide if I want to see the game on Saturday in Atlanta, Smoltz vs. Glavine, man how do I not go.


The best part of baseball for a sports fan is that you get games everyday. I can check box scores every morning! Most days I can even get a sports tracker going for afternoon games.

On tonight's menu is the first Braves game I get to watch. It is against a lefty so I'm sure Bobby will start a shit ton of people even I've never heard of. I've followed the Braves almost every game they've played since 1992 and Bobby does this all the time, he loves the platoon if your a lefty hitter.

Hopefully the bullpen will hold up today. I'm also hoping for the first start of a bounce back year for Tim Hudson.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Gator Hatin'

Now fans from Ohio have something in common with me, they hate the Gators as well. To have lose twice in the same year to the same team on the biggest two stages in college sports, man that has gotta suck. It doesn't suck as much as rooting for the Browns but it does suck a good bit.

Monday, April 2, 2007

One down, 161 to go

Such a long season, one win doesn't matter but I much prefer a win over a loss.

Braves 5, Phillies 3

Edgar with two HR and McCann with one.

The best thing though is the bullpen, 4IP with no earned runs. Based on how things worked out last year that is great.

Next game is Wednesday, hopefully Hudson can have a good year.

On Time

I am not what would define as a punctual person. Early in my working career I realized this and have made a serious effort to be on time. The easiest way for me to do is to convince myself that I needed to be at work 10-15 minutes before I was supposed to or that it would take 10 or 15 minutes longer. This seems to work. For the most part I'm 5-10 minutes early just about everyday, some days even the full 15 minutes. Even with that though about once a week or so I'm about 3-5 minutes late and once or twice a month I'm as much as 10-20 minutes late.

I don't care how someone works as long as they put in their normal-ish hours and gets their work done. I don't work in the service industry anymore, I'm not worried about coverage or dinner rushes or when the store opens. One thing that does piss me off though are the people who try and 'pull one over' on everyone. I had one at this job, I had one at my last job.

The current job we had a guy who was 5-10 minutes late every single day. At least 3 times a week he took a 90 minute or so lunch. Once it hit quitting time though he was gone. At 1 minute after closing time he was gone, everyday. That just rubs me wrong, it feels like he is consciously trying to cheat the system.

Another guy I worked with at my last job was every worse. We had a flex schedule, you could pick working 8:30-5:30, 9-6, or 9:30-6:30. This guys entire department was 9-6 and he figured a good way to cheat. He picked 8:30-5:30 but here is the trick. He showed up about 8:55 or so, everyday. He would jet at soon as 5:30 hit though, gone. There was a sting operation launched against him. What a jerk.

I don't care how you work but I just hate it when someone tries to pull one over, to cheat. It just drives me nuts.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Opening Day

Happy Opening Day!