Sunday, November 30, 2008

Best Third Quarter Ever

The Steelers looked really awful in the first half but they held it close. Then in the third quarter the Steelers just manhandled the Patriots. It was just an ass kicking on both sides of the ball. The Steelers still have plenty of questions on offense but man is that defense really fricking good. Next up is the Cowboys. The 'Boys have a good bit of offense but are inconsistent. Have no doubt it will be this week's "Game of the Century" according to the talking heads despite the fact the Cowboys are currently not going to the playoffs. I expect that to change but we'll see.

More then a little worried

Man the Patriots have owned the Steelers over the past few years. They Steelers are 8-3 and really only need to go 2-3 to make the playoffs so this isn't a 'must win' like many people want to call it for them. The Steelers schedule is tough but they are a pretty good team. They are as good as anyone left on their schedule so a nice 3-2 or even 4-1 finish would be great.

The Steelers are better then the Patriots this year. They've been better then the Patriots before and it hasn't mattered. We'll see how it turns out. I'm worried but it should be a good game. As long as the Steelers have figured out what to do on offense life will be much better. Their defense is really, really good.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back Online!

It turns out it was a combination of a bad router and then a neighborhood phone/DSL outage. Well both are now fixed and completely back online. We've had sporadic bits of being online over the past five weeks but its been really bad not being completely online. Now we're good to go! Just in time to download some virtual console games for The Little One's new Wii. Good times.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often (Maybe Not Often)

The fans vote for the Pro Bowl doesn't count that much. Plus I don't think anyone watches the Pro Bowl. Usually however the best players at their positions make the Pro Bowl so it is nice for your fans. So go vote. Unlike the MLB All-Star game I don't think I'm going to vote more then once.

I know I'm voting for Hines Ward and then quite a few Steelers on defense. Not so many on offense though.

Tough Game

It actually wasn't that tough of a game. The Steelers really controlled the game in almost every catergory save the score. Obviously that is the only stat that counts and the Steelers made plenty of mistakes to allow the Chargers to lead most of the game. It still worked out okay but I'd love it if they figured out how to turn some of the yards into points. It is nice to have a game lead in the division again.

I'd still prefer if Troy got a TD as would a few in Vegas I'm sure.

Drivers Seat

The Steelers are still in their own drivers seat. They hold their own destiny but they are reeling more then a little. I'm really worried about today's game. The injuries for the Steelers are really starting to mount up and I'm not sure how it will matter. Healthy I think the Steelers are a top 5 team, now who knows.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clone Wars

The Little One and I watch the Clone Wars every week. I enjoy it but I think I might have to miss next week since it is a Jar Jar based episode. LucasFilm is doing what they want to do, according to the Little One almost everyone in her class watches Clone Wars and based on its ratings it seems to not be just her class. Still I'll skip Jar Jar.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Back From Vegas

A nice little two and a half day trip to Vegas is over. I need to find an excuse for my job to send me there every month or so. I wasn't out there long enough to get my sleep schedule all messed up but I still really don't want to be at work today.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Three tournaments at the Treasure Island this year (two in July, one today) and three times I've cashed in them. I got 5th and 2nd in July and tonight I got 1st! In July Vegas was much busier so the tournaments had 60 to 80 players tonight they only had 49 plus 3 rebuys. Still it is nice to get $890 to pay for Christmas. I didn't really have any major memorable hands. I just stayed in the middle of the pack most of the way until the last 8 and then I doubled up with AJ vs. KQ and neither of us hit. That put me in third with 8 to go.

When I got heads up I was down probably 2 to 1, maybe a little closer. The poker boss gave us the chop amount and I of course offered to chop. The other player looked at his chips and then at mine and said no. Heads up 2 to 1 isn't that big a lead but I'm not sure I would have taken the chop either. Of course if I wasn't going to take the chop I would have been a better heads up player. This guy just wasn't good at all. He let me push him around a little stealing a few blinds. Then he tries to push me around with all in my big blind when I had KK. Then it was just a matter of time until my A7 took out his K7 suited.

Not a bad way to end my trip to Vegas.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alyssa Milano

I had no idea she owned a company that made MLB licensed clothes. I have no idea if the clothes look good or sell well. I do know she knows how to hire sales & marketing people in a male dominated industry. They aren't as attractive as Alyssa but there were some attractive women working her booth. Too bad Alyssa didn't make this show, apparently she was there last year. Timing is everything I guess.

Off to Vegas!

I'm off to Vegas for the MLB hardline show. I'm only there for about 50 hours but I still should get some poker and blackjack in. Plus I get to eat at Samba and am already upgraded for both flights. Sometimes my job isn't that bad.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ending Was Good

The ending was good but I really didn't enjoy tonight's Heroes. I have enjoyed most of the season even though I really don't like the plot. It's a comic book on TV and it helps to remember that it isn't going to be the West Wing every week. We'll see how it changes after the new year with Jeph Loeb gone.

Stil Pissed

Man the Steelers should have won that game yesterday. Losing to Peyton Manning and the Colts is never really that embarrassing but the Steelers are better this year. They had that game in control and then Ben and his injured shoulder messed it up. Well the Steelers were a better team when they were healthy, who knows now. At least I get a nice trip to Vegas to get my mind off blowing that game.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Stupid Colts

There isn't much I could say other then the Steelers didn't deserve to win. Ben reminds too much of Ben from two years ago and not enough of Ben from last year. Oh well. Still in first place and some games they can win coming up. One things for sure, this isn't the third or fourth best team in the league. Not how they're playing now.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yes We Can

I hadn't seen this until today. I guess Will.I.Am is more then just a hologram on CNN. That is a really good commercial.

Life Imitates Art

Well maybe its not art. If any TV has been art it was the West Wing.

I knew the season six writers based Matt Santos somewhat off Barack Obama because of his speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

What I didn't know is that Aaron Sorkin based Josh Lyman off Rahm Emanuel during Emanuel's years on President Clinton's staff.

So much of season six and seven has had paralled this election why not have it end the same was as the show. It is more than a little surreal that a show that ended two years ago before Obama officially declared his intention to run for president has this many things predicted.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life is Short

When my mom was 9 the Governor of Alabama prevented black students from attending the University of Alabama. When my daughter was 9 I (along with about 52% of the country) voted for a black man to become the next President of the United States. We sure have some a long way in a pretty short period of time.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I guess America really is about change. Three or four years ago I literally would have bet a lifetimes worth of money that a black man would not be elected president in my lifetime. I'm very proud to be wrong.

Congratulations President-Elect Barack Obama!

Stop Reading and Go Vote!

Go Vote!

Ugly Win?

I personally believe a win is a win, it doesn't matter how. Still it was pretty ugly. That was a brutal game but I'll take it. One thing is for sure the Steelers have one hell of a defense. Hopefully Ben is okay because Peyton is next.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Stupid NFL Game 8

This should be a good matchup for the Steelers. The Redskins have injuries and the Steelers are getting a little healthy. Plus what the Redskins are good at doesn't really bother the Steelers. The problem is that I don't know what the Steelers are trying to do on offense. Maybe having Willie Parker back will help. I'm worried but this should be a good matchup for the Steelers. Still 5-3 isn't the end of the world, double that and it is 10-6. Still it would help if Old Cleveland would lose some. Just maybe it could be a good night.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


McCain was really funny on SNL last night. It reminds me of the old pre-2004 John McCain and this "neocon I want to be president" John McCain. I would have maybe voted for pre-2004 McCain, this one not so much.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Just Crazy

Normally I'm against political commercials completely. But you should go YouTube this shitty commercial that Elizabeth Dole is running against Kay Hagan. It basically calls Hagan an atheist. Church shouldn't matter in politics but it does. I can't believe she's running a commercial calling someone else "godless". If I was going to vote for you Dole I sure as hell won't know. WTF!