Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rickey Being Rickey

Gotta love Rickey Henderson, he is one of my all-time favorite baseball players.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kate Winslet

All I can say is about fraking time!

Bargin Shopping

The Braves recently have spent 3 million for Tom Glavine, 2.5 million for Garret Anderson maybe(I'll believe it when I actually see him in a uniform), and 4 million for Jeff Francouer. All of those in 2009 will be below average performers. That's 9.5 million or almost the exact price they could have signed Adam Dunn to play LF for them.

I gotta say I think Adam Dunn would be much better then bargin shopping two has beens and a never will be.

Bye Bye Emmitt

Man you were a great running back but an awful talking head. Too bad I think this means they'll hire Brett Favre to replace him. I can just hear Berman now "isn't great how much fun Brett Favre is having at the end of the table."

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not Much

I actually didn't get much Steelers stuff for my birthday. I did get a new beer coosie (how the hell do you spell that) and a new Terrible Towel. I guess I will have to go get a hat and shirt.

No Griffey?

I think its better for the long term of the Braves that they don't spend money on a 39 year old who can't play everyday. That being said it is really sucky that the Braves can't sign anyone they go after. My how the might have fallen.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bud Selig

I keep wanting to go through a Spring Training without having to have some player spend news cycle after news cycle put us through some steroid crap. I get it, players used steroids. Put in testing, make the penalties tough and let's move on.

Since it keeps coming up though and this week Bud Selig said he's not to blame. It angers him that he hears comments about how much at fault he is and that's just wrong. Well Bud, you're wrong. Next to Donald Fehr the union chief you're the person most responsible for this entire mess.

There what some 3,000 players, a few dozen trainers, owners, managers, agents, the countless media people, and of course the millions upon millions of fans. All of them are to blame to certain extent. The players as a group probably should rightfully so get the blame. But there is a lot of blame to spread around and it a lot of it needs to land of Bud's lap.

Let me get this straight it's okay for players to use steroids when it makes baseball millions of dollars recovering from the 1994 strike (as an aside World War 2 couldn't cancel the World Series but Bud Selig can) but once Congress get's involved steroids are bad.

If someone is naive enough to think that MLB and the owners didn't want the boom in the late 90s and early 2000s fueled by these 'Roided up players then more power to them. The entire league, the media, and even the fans are to blame. Since it's your league Bud the buck should stop with you.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Some Days

Being a parent is tougher then others.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spending Too Much

I think we spent too much money this weekend. I'll have more details but I think Pretty Bird, The Little One, and I will love what we purchased.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Griffey, really?

If had a list of my favorite baseball players of all-time Ken Griffey, Jr. would be on it. Not sure where, probably the top 10. However this is 2009 and I really don't want the Braves to sign Griffey, he's old and more then a little past his prime.

I mean come on, Griffey was on the Simpsons in 1992 with current players like Jose Canseco, Steve Sax, Don Mattingly, and Ozzie Smith. He won his MVP twelve years ago! He made his major league debut in 1989! In 1989 Batman and Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade came out. In 1989 I was 13!

Man this Braves team is going to be really bad.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

TV Recap

It was a pretty good night of TV. It didn't quite live up the expectations but it still wasn't bad. BSG was the weakest of the episodes so far in this final season. Terminator was its typical "let's not really move the story but at least we'll pretend".

Dollhouse wasn't great but it wasn't bad either. The actual pilot should be shown next week with some reshots. Fox apparently didn't like the pilot as a first episode, they liked it enough to buy the show but not for the first episode. Fox made Whedon come up with a different first episode. Whedon is then using his actual pilot later and I'm pretty sure its this week.

At least this time they worked with the creator before moving episodes around unlike with Firefly.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Geekest Night on TV

Man Friday's have some geek TV. Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, and now Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. It should be a good night of TV.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Nada

It's been almost two weeks since the Steelers won the Super Bowl two weeks ago and I haven't bought any merchandise about it yet. Definitely a change from the win a few years ago. With a birthday only two weeks after the Super Bowl I got way too much Super Bowl XL stuff last time. I went out and spent about $50 on stuff. Then Pretty Bird spent about $50 on stuff as did my mom. This time I'll see what they get me in a week and then I'll pick up anything that is missed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still Around

Just not posting much after the Super Bowl. I actually haven't turned the computer on much at home and I don't post much from work any longer. I'll get back to my daily posts eventually.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Heroes and 24

A day after the Steelers win their 6th Super Bowl I get Heroes and 24 on the same time for the first time in almost two years. What a good night of TV.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Great Christmas Gifts

Pretty Bird got me this gift for Christmas. Upon giving it to me she said "I hope this becomes obsolete real soon.

So I had to fix it tonight. Man I love being the first team to win six.

Super Bowl Champions!

I guess I wouldn't have expected this game to end any differently then it actually did. The Steelers won 15 games this year and almost all of them were just like this. The defense usually doesn't break like it did in the fourth quarter like it did tonight. Actually it has never broken like that all year. It was really tough to deal with it.

The Ben did what he's done all year. I'd much prefer if they didn't play like this, last drives and all but that's how they roll. I guess good things do come from Ohio. Ben from Miami, OH to Santonio Holmes from Ohio State University for the game winning TD.

Man what a game. I think I lost about 10 years of my life. Number 6, how sweet it is.

Game Time

Today is game time baby! The Steelers are better the Cardinals, there is little question about that. The Steelers will win tonight if they play like they should. If Ben doesn't crap all over himself by turning it over 2 or 3 times then life should be good. The Cardinals just aren't as good. They only won 9 games and they outscored their opponents by one point. The Steelers should win. I've been trying to come up with a reason to be worried because I don't want to be overconfindent.

Then I remember the 18-0 Patriots losing to the Giants last year. This is the NFL and anything can happen. Any given Sunday. Let's just hope the Steelers have the anything on their side.